The designer behind the Quadratic MC-1 is Jam Somasundram, from Pass Labs. He was the creator of the highly regarded HPA-1 headphone amplifier. Before that Jam held a number of designer jobs, including stints at Ayre and Cary Audio. He has also worked in Hi End audio retail for many years. The MC-1 uses custom transformers from Cine-Mag, these feature proprietary technology developed by David Geren.

The MC-1 transformers include float- ing ( not internally connected to either the primary or secondary ) Faraday shielding which ultraisolates the primary side of the transform from the secondary. Jumpers are available on the circuit board that allow you to bond the Faraday shields to the system or even float them completely. Finally there is a Ground Lift option. Engage or disengage if needed for the best hum rejection.

The MC-1 comes factory set for the best overall performance for most modern cartridges. Two generations of experience in designing and manufacturing professional and audiophile grade transformers have gone in to the design and production of the MC-1 transformers, and decades of experience in engineering audiophile components have been applied in to the MC-1.

Quadratic MC-1
Quadratic MC-1