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Taurus Ultimate Direct Drive Turntable


More than a decade ago, Brinkmann inaugurated the Direct Drive Renaissance with the introduction of Oasis.


The first thoroughly modern direct drive turntable, Oasis partnered Helmut Brinkmann’s bespoke, proprietary motor with a massive platter, "Soft" speed control and the myriad engineering flourishes which define Brinkmann Audio’s design ethos. Oasis combined the extreme pitch accuracy and durability of the best direct drive systems with levels of musicality and liquidity which had previously been the exclusive domain of belt drive. Brinkmann's legendary Bardo soon followed and has been their best-selling turntable ever since.

Over the past few years, Brinkmann developed the versatile Spyder, effected evolutionary improvements to their epochal Balance and introduced Nyquist, widely considered the world’s finest Digital-to-Analog Converter. The lessons learned creating these state-of-the-art components suggested ways in which Brinkmann could advance their direct drive concept to a higher level of performance.

Brinkmann proudly introduces Taurus: the finest direct drive turntable they know how to build.

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