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Lambda the Next Level


Lyra have been designing and hand crafting moving coil cartridges for over 30 years. Constant evolution of the designs has ensured Lyra are the cartridges of choice for the connoisseur and lovers of analogue playback. Lyra is pleased to announce it’s latest works of art: Etna λ Lambda and Atlas λ Lambda.

A seldom-mentioned yet key factor in defining the performance and sound of a phono cartridge is the suspension and damper system. A cantilever’s materials, dimensions and constructions all affect the sound in unique ways, and unless the dampers and suspension are engineered to be a suitable match to the cantilever chosen, the sound and performance will not be optimal.

For Lyra’s post-2008 New Angle models (Delos, Kleos, Etna, Atlas) Lyra developed tapered dampers to pre-load the cantilever downwards when it is in the rest position, so that the application of vertical tracking force (VTF) will bring the coil angle into alignment with the magnets when the cartridge is in the playing position.

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