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Brinkmann Audio Nyquist Mk II Streaming DAC review


The long running battle of analog versus digital is not showing any signs of stopping any time soon. Proponents of either side have been going at it for many years, but personally I don’t see why we cannot enjoy both without sacrificing the sound quality and the enjoyment of our beloved music regardless of the format. Those who are against digital often say that it sounds cold and sterile compared to vinyl, but is it actually true in every single case? The answer is, of course, no. Brinkmann Audio Nyquist Mk II Streaming DAC is a prime example of how to properly handle digital formats without sacrificing sound quality and presenting music with a natural uncoloured sound that would appeal even to the most zealous analog proponent.

Built by hand in Germany by Helmut Brinkmann and his team of engineers, the Nyquist, now in its second incarnation, follows Brinkmann’s long-standing philosophy that everything has an effect on sound and that these influences are real, even if all of them cannot be explained scientifically.Which is why all Brinkmann components are built using specifically chosen materials, carefully inspected by Helmut Brinkmann himself to make sure everything functions exactly as intended to provide the most enjoyable audio experience. The Nyquist Mk II is no exception.

Fairly compact in design, the Nyquist Mk II has a distinct look similar to other Brinkmann components, such as Marconi Line Preamplifier, with transparent glass top, heat sinks on both sides, two large knobs, 3 buttons and a small display in the middle.

In order to eliminate unwanted vibrations and completely isolate the unit, it comes with 12 kg granite base, which has the exact same width and depth as the DAC and fits perfectly underneath it. Brinkmann recommends not to have anything else between the DAC and the granite base as both of them are tuned as a single unit. The granite base can of course be placed on other isolation devices.

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