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Pi Moving Coil Cartridge


For Brinkmann, “High Fidelity” stands as the ultimate pinnacle of achievable sound reproduction. Simply put, there is nothing better than “High Fidelity”: after all, a facsimile can never sound better than the original. While some will argue that perfect music playback is an illusion. Helmut Brinkmann however, leaves nothing to chance as he works on perfecting this illusion, thus making music playback as real as possible.

Brinkmann developed the Pi cartridge alongside their tonearms

With an ingenious mounting system for the different parts, Brinkmann have manage to optimise the cartridge’s chassis to control resonances and with the cartridge’s dynamic mass, ensure it works beautifully with Brinkmann’s tonearms.


Due to the Pi’s neutrality, it can be used with not just Brinkmann tonearms, but many other brands of tonearm as well. If unsure about compatibility, please speak to Nigel at Symmetry.

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