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SRM-700S Solid State Energiser for Earspeakers


For decades Stax has designed and manufactured electrostatic energisers, to complement their fine range of electrostatic Earspeakers.

During this period, timeless designs like the SRM-T1, SRM-T1S, SRM-T2 and SRM-T8000 have established themselves as first class energisers. Driving Stax electrostatic Earspeakers to new levels of performance.

We are delighted to announce the new SRM-700S. This new energiser utilises the latest thinking from Stax engineers. The SRM-700S is a direct coupled pure Class A design.

A new custom made low-noise dual FET input stage has been developed, from the ground up. For the first time in Stax history a J-FET has been employed in the second stage. The output of the J-FET is excellent in low noise amplification. As well as providing a large current emitter follower circuit, which brings out the full performance of the Earspeaker.

Click here to download the 7 page news release.